The 27 hygiene concerns recorded by inspectors at Aberdeen restaurant

Yangtze River has closed down
Yangtze River has closed down

Aberdeen City Council inspectors recorded 27 separate concerns at the Yangtze River. They were:

1. Cleaning was not recorded.

2. Light switches, walls, ceilings and floors were dirty or greasy.

3. The ventilation canopy and filters were dirty or greasy.

4. A kitchen window was cracked.

5. A kitchen fly screen window was dirty or greasy.

6. A staff changing area wall was badly damaged and could not be adequately cleaned.

7. Duct tape around the duct system in a serving area hindered cleaning.

8. A storage area had a leaky roof leaving the ceiling in a poor state of repair and lighting broken.

9. Paint was flaking on the ceiling in a serving area.

10. Items including a fridge, freezer and trolley used for hanging cooked meat were dirty.

11. A chopping board was covered in mould.

12. Equipment such as a fridge shelving and a microwave were damaged.

13. A dirty wooden pole was being used to hang raw duck, hindering cleaning.

14. Bamboo steamers were falling apart.

15. A dim sum steamer was covered in unsuitable material

16. The wooden order holder was dirty.

17. Food storage containers were cracked.

18. Oven gloves were dirty.

19. Foil on serving dishes was dirty and not changed between uses.

20. Scoops were left in containers, risking contamination.

21. Raw meat was left in the vegetable area, risking contamination.

22. Pots were stored on the floor, risking contamination.

23. Cooked meat was being left at room temperature, risking food poisoning.

24. Sauce was being stored at too low a temperature.

25. Disused items hindered cleaning.

26. An open can was in the fridge, risking contamination.

27. There was no stock control system.