Resident claims terrorists might target new Dons stadium

Councillor's at yesterday's Kingsford hearing

A Westhill resident’s claims that the Dons’ planned Kingsford Stadium would be targeted by terrorists prompted laughter during the pre-determination hearing.

Westhill resident Gordon Ballantyne delivered a presentation on security issues to councillors at the pre-determination hearing for the new Aberdeen FC stadium.

In his presentation – which drew chuckles from both councillors and those watching in the public gallery – Mr Ballantyne pointed out that oil pipelines close to the proposed development could be targeted.

He also raised concerns that a truck or a car could be used to plough into people walking along the A944 Aberdeen to Westhill road where supporters would walk on game day.

Mr Ballantyne said: “It cannot be ruled out that a vehicle could be used to drive into supporters walking along the busy A944. Hundreds of people could be walking along that road on match days so they could be an easy target.

“Anyone could drive up to where the pipeline is and blow it up. This is a big concern and should be taken into consideration.”

Councillor Sarah Duncan questioned Mr Ballantyne about the pipeline, saying the stadium would be built on top of it as well as being fenced off on matchdays.

Mr Ballantyne said: “The pipeline has signs at the side of the road to show you where it is so if you want to commit a terrorist attack just pull alongside that sign and simples.”