North-east teachers to swap schools for ghouls

Organiser:  Phionna McInnes from Me Too magazine has put the event together.
Organiser: Phionna McInnes from Me Too magazine has put the event together.

I’m a Teacher Get Me Out of Here will see 15 brave teachers enter the Tolbooth Museum to raise funds for Me Too Magazine and Friendly Access.

Friends, families and pupils will be able to text to keep people inside the haunted city building as eliminations will occur throughout the night on October 29.

The building was featured on TV series Most Haunted in 2009.

Phionna McInnes, chief executive of Me Too, has been organising the ghostly fundraiser for the last four months.

She said: “Teachers from each secondary school are invited to come into the Tollbooth Museum and spend the night with Highland Paranormal and ghost hunt.

“The Tollbooth is haunted for sure, and when we looked at the history of the building with Dr Fiona-Jane Brown, of Hidden Tours, we knew this was the venue we had to be in.

“It’s never been done before and the opportunity to get into the Tollbooth Museum over Halloween weekend is amazing.”

The event is scheduled to be streamed live on YouTube and Facebook with teachers getting a JustGiving text code allocated to them for voting purposes.

The unique event is hoping to raise the profile of Me Too and Friendly Access to work with children who have additional needs.

Phionna added: “Being affected by disability can be a very isolating experience so it is important that we keep reaching these families. We want everyone involved to have a unique experience that they will remember for a long time and raise some money along the way.”