Nuart Aberdeen visitor surge boosts business

A piece by Herakut on The Green.

Businesses have praised a street art festival for reinvigorating part of the city centre and boosting visitors.

Eateries and retailers around The Green spoke highly of Nuart Aberdeen after it helped attract more people to the area.

The festival saw large murals and smaller-scale artworks pop up around the city, with many close to the historic site.

Dave Anderson, owner of Contour Cafe, said: “It’s been great for us, this weekend we took double what we normally do.

“I remember not long ago looking out the window one afternoon and thinking ‘where is everyone?’

“It just brings people past the cafe so the chances are better that they will pop in.”

Groups of more than 100 gathered at The Green to be taken on free guided tours to view the large pieces.

Street artists Fintan Magee, Nipper, Add Fuel, M-City, Alice Pasquini, Jaune, Isaac Cordal, Martin Whatson, Herakut, Julien de Casabianca and Robert Montgomery showcased their latest work in the festival.

They worked with local artists to create a lasting impression in the city centre by brightening up neglected spaces.

Granite Reef, on The Green, had a miniature binman stencilled on to its shop front by artist Jaune.

Chris Bissett, who works at the store, said: “The Green has certainly been a lot busier with people milling around and we’ve had a few more people coming into the shop.

“It’s amazing to see more artwork appearing and everyone being really into it.

“This will bring more people consistently to the area.”

Talks are ongoing to stage Nuart Aberdeen 2018 following the success of the event, which ran from Thursday through until Sunday.

The project was spearheaded by Aberdeen Inspired and was the first time it had been staged outside of Norway, having started in Stavanger in 2001.

Adrian Watson, chief executive of Aberdeen Inspired, said: “We’re absolutely delighted with bringing this transformational event to the city. It’s brought people in and added to the vibrancy of the economy. I’ve spoken with businesses and they’re reporting things going in the right direction.”