Supernatural conference to be held in Aberdeen

MP Peterhead
MP Peterhead

Tales of ghosts will be the focus of a supernatural event at an Aberdeen university.

Robert Gordon University’s School of Creative and Cultural Business will host the first Supernatural in Contemporary Society Conference (SCSC) this August.

Dunnottar Castle, near Stonehaven

Aberdeenshire is no stranger to reputedly haunted locations – such as the former HMP Peterhead, Dunnottar Castle and Crathes Castle.

The event will consider why tourists are attracted to such sites.

The supernatural is widely featured in popular culture and researchers want to know why it is still so appealing to the public.

Dr Rachel Ironside, an events management lecturer at RGU who is organising the event, said: “The conference aims to explore the value and role of the supernatural in contemporary society, as opposed to whether or not the supernatural is real.

“The kinds of things researchers will be discussing include the supernatural and its role in tourism and heritage across the world, representations of ghost stories, vampires, the mummy and magic in popular culture.

“It will also be exploring the role of the supernatural as a profession and subculture, including ghost hunting, bigfoot subcultures, exorcism and events.

“In a society governed by the scientific approach, it’s so important to consider why the supernatural plays such a big role in our lives.”

On the first night of the conference, attendees will be invited to an industry panel session on supernatural tourism in Crathes Castle, which will include dinner and entertainment.

The 16th Century tourist attraction is said to be home to several spirits – including the Green Lady, with Queen Victoria among the people to have experienced her presence.

The conference – which will take place on the August 23 and 24 – will be made up of speaker panel sessions, poster presentations and lectures from two keynote speakers, Dr David Clarke and Professor Dennis Waskul.