Aberdeen students go to war with uni bosses … over a microwave!

The controversial RGU microwave

A student union is at loggerheads with university bosses – over a microwave.

RGU:Union secured the kitchen gadget for students last year on condition it is only used after 7pm.

According to the student union, the time limit has been put in place to prevent any negative impact on Robert Gordon University’s catering business.

But now the students’ union is in talks with the university executive after being refused all day access to it twice already.

RGU:Union president of communication and democracy Edward Pollock said: “It’s really silly, the university spent all this money to build a sink and surfaces as well as the microwaves.

“But because the original reason was for out-of-hours it’s not allowed to be used.

“RGU needs to get a grip of itself on this one.”

The microwave is currently kept beneath a plastic cover until after 7pm.

Edward’s letter to the university’s executive calling for it to remove the plastic lid comes four months after the first request.

He has had no indication of when a decision will be made, but a review is in place.

More than 70% of students specifically raised concerns in a survey that the microwave in the Sir Ian Wood building was not available when they wanted it.

The request was refused on the grounds the cooker was only brought in for out-of-hours use.

Edward said: “Some people are saying they need it for dietary requirements, some international students eat different food.

“We’re just at this ridiculous phase of waiting to hear back from the executive.”

A campaign billed #MicrowaveGate RGU Shame on You has now been launched by the students’ association.

A spokeswoman for RGU said: “The university is aware of requests for additional access to microwave facilities.

“A review has been undertaken and the outcome will be communicated shortly.”