Aberdeen shop owner brands 20-month sentence ‘a joke’

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An Aberdeen shopkeeper has said the sentence handed down to a knife-wielding thief is “too lenient”.

Leslie Kilminster, a manager at L&M stores on the city’s Hutcheon Street, hit out at the 20 months given to Christopher Carter at Aberdeen Sheriff Court.

The 59-year-old told the Evening Express: “I think the sentence is far too lenient.

“Considering what actually happed with him coming in with the knife on Bonfire Night you would expect he would have gotten much longer than that.

“I think it is a joke that he has only been given 20 months.”

Leslie praised the shop worker, who Carter robbed, for her reaction to the incident.

He said: “Our staff member was very shocked at what happened.

“She did nothing wrong and everything right.

“She took a step back from the situation, didn’t give him anything and pressed the panic alarm.

“We do all that we can to protect staff members in our shop.”