Special Investigation: Begging in Aberdeen

In a series of special articles, Special Investigations reporter Dale Haslam looks  at what is being done to help beggars in the North-east. He also examines the myths and reality of life on the street, speaking to businesses to find out how they are affected, and to those people who regularly beg.

Day 1: The number of beggars in Aberdeen has almost doubled in the last four years. New research compiled by Aberdeen Cyrenians on behalf of the Aberdeen’s street begging forum reveals there are 59 people who beg on the streets of Aberdeen, compared with 31 in 2013 – a 90% increase.

Revealed: Aberdeen’s begging crisis as number on street almost doubles

Law allows begging on streets of Scotland – but not aggression

Our View: Let’s look again at beggars in Aberdeen

Attempts to tackle begging and the problems surrounding the issue

Day 2: Our investigation into begging in Aberdeen today continues with a look at the impact the practice has on retailers in the city centre

Investigation: We take a look at the impact begging has on businesses in Aberdeen city centre

Aberdeen businessman: ‘Come and work for me rather than begging as a living’

Visitors to Aberdeen ‘put off’ by seeing beggars’ lewd street acts and rows over drugs

Day 3: Special Investigations Reporter Dale Haslam goes out on to the street to meet beggars, find out about their experiences and discover how others are helping them get their lives back on track.

Aberdeen beggar: ‘It’s desperate for me just now but I have hope that I’ll get my lucky break’

Mick, 72, aiming to get life back on track with Aberdeen Cyrenians after five years of begging