Solution to be sought to traffic problems around North-east’s historic Royal Arch

Traffic calming measures blamed for catastrophic decline in North-east village’s businesses will be ripped up.

Alterations were previously made to the B966 at the Royal Arch in Fettercairn to realign the road and install narrowing devices.

Road users have continued to face issues, with vehicles often incurring severe damage and sometimes becoming stuck due to the layout of the road.

Local businesses claimed the traffic calming measures are also putting their livelihoods at risk with a “catastrophic” decline in revenue.

A consultation process took place with the local community in September and further traffic surveys are under way.

Motorists are known to avoid using the B966 route altogether rather than risk damage to their vehicles by passing under the Royal Arch.

As such, many of the local businesses have reported a dramatic decrease in footfall while Mearns Community Council previously expressed concerned that the traffic measures were hindering the village.