Snag sees BrewDog’s plan for outdoor seats on Union Street put on hold

A popular Aberdeen bar’s aspirations to go al fresco have been put on ice due to a hitch.

BrewDog asked Aberdeen City Council for permission to introduce an outdoor seating area at its bar on Union Street so customers can enjoy a tipple while watching the crowds go by and a decision was due to be made yesterday – but hit a snag.

Agents acting for BrewDog told the council’s licensing board their plans were not ready, and their request for a deferral to the board’s next meeting on January 24 was granted.

If BrewDog gets the green light, it would also be able to show TV sporting events, such as live boxing, late into the night and serve food at those times.

The firm would also be able to open the basement for meetings and functions and allow children into the bar under certain circumstances until 10pm.

It is understood that proposal would allow youngsters to attend family parties with their parents.

Councillor Alan Donnelly, who is on the board, said: “Once BrewDog has finalised the outdoor seating area design, the board will consider the application as a whole.

“BrewDog has already been given planning permission for the outdoor seating area.

“It is common for the board to support the planning committee, but each application is considered on its merits.”

The police and a disability group have expressed reservations about the proposed outdoor seating area.

Police chiefs have already advised BrewDog to reduce the size of the area and the company has agreed. Officers have also recommended a restriction banning under 18s from the bar after 6pm remains.

In a letter to the board, Disability Equity Partnership chairwoman Dame Anne Begg said: “There is unlikely to be enough residual pavement available for wheelchairs and walkers to get past safely.

“This problem will be particularly acute for the sight impaired and especially those who rely on guide dogs who may find themselves forced off the pavement and on to the road.”

A BrewDog spokesman said: “We can confirm we have applied for and been granted permission for a seating area outside our Castlegate bar.

“We are still to acquire the relevant permissions from the licensing board but we aim to have this finalised and out in time for the spring.”