Sketching plans for new gallery in Aberdeen

Artists, from left, David Blyth, Meghan Doran and Hilary Nicoll at the new Look Again Festival base
Artists, from left, David Blyth, Meghan Doran and Hilary Nicoll at the new Look Again Festival base

Bosses of a city visual art and design festival are gearing up for the opening of its new gallery space.

Look Again is Aberdeen’s year-round public art programme which aims to support creative professionals with opportunities.

As part of its mission, the group has secured a temporary home on 32 St Andrew Street, in the heart of the city centre.

The space, which is owned by Bon Accord Centre, will host five exhibitions, leading up to the beginning of the annual Look Again Festival in June, and will provide a space for artists and designers to showcase their work.

Hilary Nicoll, co-director for Look Again, said: “We are responding to a new creative demand we have seen rising in Aberdeen.

“Look Again wants to be able to support more artists and designers.

“We just saw an opportunity with this space. Bon Accord has always been great working with us and they were happy to make this happen.

“It’s a great location, right in the city centre, so it’ll be good for footfall.”

Opening on Friday, the Look Again Project Space will open with Huntly artist David Blyth and Orkney artist Nick Gordon.

The exhibition, titled Oral Suspension, will be a collaboration celebrating Scottish cultural history.

It primarily focuses on spoken history from different communities’ fishing heritage.

David, 42, said his work focuses on the relationship between humans and animals.

He added: “I found out about an endangered species, the skate fish, which looks a lot like a sting ray. We wanted to raise awareness about this fish that is particular to the region.

“In a lot of ways, Nick’s work and my work were similar when he was a student at Gray’s School of Art. We’ve been having a lot of discussion on this and now it’s great we get to share this space and present what we’ve been working on.”

David has started working with Macduff Aquarium to learn more about the fish and continue working towards incorporating it in his work.

Nick and Gordon have been meeting with fishermen, fishmongers and bodies such as the Orkney Skate Trust to raise public awareness of this endangered species.

He added: “The location for this space is perfect. It’s an exciting prospect for the city to welcome this and for the future of artists and designers.”

The launch of the exhibition runs from 6pm to 8pm.