Aberdeen shop allowed to keep shutters after appeal to Scottish Government

Bosses at a city centre store have won an appeal to keep shutters after Aberdeen City Council demanded they were removed.

E-Cigs Scotland on Union Street was told to remove the shutters after it emerged they were installed without consent.

The store bosses appealed to the Scottish Government on three separate grounds – including claiming the metal barrier was the only thing stopping people from using the doorway as a toilet.

As the city centre building is category C-listed, planning permission is required to make any changes to the exterior.

They had not done this before the shutters were installed.

The Scottish Government planning appeals division has now quashed the enforcement notice and granted listed building consent to the store.

However, Scottish Government reporter Jo-Anne Garrick dismissed shop bosses’ claims health and safety would be affected if the shutters were removed.

She said: “The appellant states there has been antisocial behaviour in the area, the result of which has potential to impact on the health of those working in the property.

“While I empathise with the unpleasant conditions described by the appellant, alternative measures could have been put in place.

“I therefore do not consider the works were urgently necessary in the interests of safety.”

The appeal was granted on the grounds that listed building consent should be granted for the work.

Ms Garrick added: “It does not impinge on the special character of the building and it has not resulted in a permanent alteration to its structure.

“I do not agree with the council that the shutter diminishes the character of the category C-listed building.

“I therefore allow the appeal.”