Shell investigates after claims Aberdeen petrol station sold contaminated fuel

The oil company that owns a filling station today said it is “seriously investigating” claims Aberdeen motorists have been sold contaminated fuel.

Residents of Cove raised concerns after reports of problems with the fuel from Shell Redmoss on Wellington Circle.

The oil giant has confirmed it is investigating the issue, having received complaints from “a small number of customers”.

Roy Jamieson, a fisherman who lives in Cove, said: “I bought the petrol to use in my boat engine from the station and, soon after, I started having problems with it cutting out.

“I got from Cove Harbour to Findon, where the engine cut out completely.”

Mr Jamieson took the engine down to Mackay Marine where he was told contamination of the petrol could clearly be seen.

Samantha Christie, a resident of Cove has also experienced issues with her vehicle after using the filling station.

She said: “I filled at pump two and didn’t even make it out of the station when my car wouldn’t start.

“Another women in front of me only made it to the entrance of IKEA and she had filled at the same pump I did.”

Samantha took her car to her garage where they confirmed she had petrol contamination and needed to have her tank changed.

She added: “When you pay for a product, you expect it to be safe.

“I’ll never fill my car there again, and I’ve told others to avoid it also.”

A Shell spokeswoman said: “We have received reports from a small number of customers that they have experienced problems following refuelling with Shell Fuelsave unleaded at Shell Redmoss in Aberdeen.

“At Shell we pride ourselves on the quality of our fuel, and as such the pump was turned off and we are seriously investigating the cause of this issue.

“We are in contact with all the impacted customers and aim to resolve this with them as soon as possible.”