Sheep captured by police after going for a stroll through North-east town

Emergency services captured the sheep after an hour.

A sheep gave North-east emergency crews the runaround after deciding to take a lunchtime walk.

The animal had managed to make its way from a nearby farm and head to Fraserburgh’s Maconochie Road.

Police officers and firefighters took an hour to capture the animal before the farmer arrived to pick up the sheepish escapee.

Mary-Louise Ritchie, who works at Esso, said emergency services and the farmer turned up to take the animal away.

She said: “It was running about for around an hour.

“The police came along and shortly after that the farmer came round and took it away.”

A police spokeswoman confirmed that it aided the farmer with the escaped animal.

She said: “We were called at 12.30pm and asked if we could assist with a loose sheep.

“It was on the road near the Esso garage on Maconochie Road, Fraserburgh.

“At about 1.20pm the sheep was lifted by the farmer.”