Watch: Aberdeen couple take internet by storm after shopping centre dancing video goes viral

Les and Elenanor Stockan became subject of a viral video after they were filmed dancing to singer Lewis Carroll in the Trinity Shopping Centre, Aberdeen.

A couple have taken the internet by storm after a video of them dancing in an Aberdeen shopping centre was viewed more than 69,000 times.

Northfield pair Les Stockan, 79, and his 75-year-old wife Eleanor, were Christmas shopping in Aberdeen’s Trinity Centre when they happened upon a performance from local charity Music 4 U.

….what a special moment ❤️💙

Posted by Music 4 U on Thursday, 30 November 2017

Singer Lewis Carroll was performing a variety of hits in the shopping centre as part of a fundraising drive by the group, when he noticed the pair dancing.

He said: “I saw this adorable couple listening to the music and I suggested that I sing a song for them to dance to.”

The 20-year-old singer sang Everybody Loves Somebody.

He said: “It was a perfect song for them.”

Lewis, of Northfield, has autism and credits Music 4 U with teaching him a more varied selection of songs.

He added: “I’ve been singing since my voice broke really, and Music 4 U gives me the opportunity to sing. I go to the club whenever I’m not working.”

Lewis’ singing voice is what drew Les, a former fleet services manager for Aberdeen City Council, and Eleanor, a retired bridal shop assistant, to the performance.

And Les said it compelled him to dance with his wife of 56 years.

Les said: “We heard the gentleman singing and we were entranced by his voice.

“We are the type of people who, when we hear music, we have to dance.

“Lewis has a wonderful personality and his older ballads are the style we like.”

As the couple – who have a 50-year-old son, Lesley – don’t own a computer, they were largely unaware that a video of their dancing had garnered more than 69,000 views online.

Eleanor added: “It is so unexpected, we just like to enjoy ourselves and to see other people have fun.

“Lewis is a very talented guy and we met his mum who said singing is his life.

“Music 4 U seems to be a great organisation and their singing is beautiful.”

Founder of Music 4 U Debbie Kirkness hoped that the video would bring more attention to the charity’s projects.

She said: “Lewis has been given a gift, he feels like himself when he is singing but we need to make sure we can always support people like Lewis.”

Anyone wishing to donate to the charity, or to find out more information, should visit