Aberdeen school branded ‘weak’ for attainment in official inspection

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Inspectors have recommended improvements be made at an Aberdeen school after its attainment levels were branded “weak”.

Education Scotland officials visited Kittybrewster School for an inspection and have now published their report.

They rated the school “satisfactory” for learning, teaching and assessment, the fourth-best of six possible ratings, and “weak” for raising attainment and achievement – the second-worst rating.

“Overall, attainment in literacy and numeracy is weak,” said the report.

Inspectors found information the school collected about pupil achievement was “not wholly reliable”.

The report said: “Attainment in listening and talking is weak.

“Children do not always have the skills to listen well to their teacher, nor to each other in groups.”

The report added: “The school has highly enthusiastic staff who are supporting each other well.”

Education Scotland recommended staff put their training into practise.

An Aberdeen City Council spokesman said: “We were already aware of some of the issues raised and have been working with the school to address these.

“We will take on board the additional areas for improvement raised and will also address these.

“We are, nevertheless, pleased Education Scotland highlights enthusiasm of staff and happiness of pupils and will build upon these positives going forward.”