Residents raise safety fears over HGVs on Aberdeen road

The road between the B999 and the B997 to Shielhill.

Aberdeen residents have hit out amid ongoing traffic concerns in a city suburb.

Concerns are being raised over safety issues with regard to HGVs using the access road off the B999 Shielhill Road, at the Shielhill development in Bridge of Don.

One man, who lives near the new development, and who asked not to be named, said he has been raising the issue with the council about the use of the road for the last four years, and has even written to the chief executive on three occasions.

He said: “They’ve told us there are no problems.

“I’ve got to reverse into a little recess.

“It’s absolutely ludicrous.

The area, which is part of Bridge of Don, is not classed as a built-up area, due to the nature of the road it’s on.

He added: “They’ve even told us that Shielhill Road is considered rural.

“They’ve stated that it’s different from a built-up area.

“And they’ve built the new shopping centre, but there’s no footpath for the people of Shielhill to get there, so they’ve been told they have to walk up through Dubford and down through Greenbrae.”

Councillor John Reynolds has been dealing with the issues in Shielhill for four years.

He said: “Things are as bad as ever on Shielhill Road, with no respite for local residents.

“There’s huge numbers of issues there, and there’s been a number of accidents on that road.

“One of the big problems is if you’re walking from Shielhill Road to the shops, you can’t get there safely.

“I’m aware that a resident has invited the chief executive of Aberdeen City Council to view first hand the problems, but apparently was declined.

“They need to do something about it now.”

An Aberdeen City Council spokeswoman said: “We are aware of the resident’s concerns and have corresponded with, and visited him at home, on a number of occasions to consider the issues raised. We are satisfied no changes are required in this location.”