Results: Which side should you butter your rowie or buttery?

Yesterday it emerged that some people in the North-east butter the top of their buttery.

To be honest – for many in our office, this was a little shocking. But were we wrong, is buttering the uneven side a common thing?

We weren’t.

Poll: Which side should you butter your rowie or buttery?

An incredible 93% of the votes in our poll agreed that you should always butter your buttery (or rowie) on the flat side.

That still means 5% backed buttering the top, uneven side.

Asked for a buttered buttery at work today…………. WTF. Monsters. from Aberdeen

We also tried to find out what people call the popular baked savoury treat, asking people is it a buttery, a rowie or a roll.

Exactly 50% of votes said it should be called a buttery, 36% said it was a rowie, with the remaining 14% in our poll said roll.

What do you think? We’re going to leave the poll open a little bit longer.

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*407 votes were cast for “Which side do you buttery a buttery?” 406 votes were cast for “What do call a buttery?”