Residents want HGV’s banned and speed camera installed on Aberdeen street

A petition has been launched by residents amid growing concerns about speeding.

The online petition, which already has more than 100 signatures, was started by Northsea Court Residents Association.

Its aim is to have a camera installed on School Road, in an effort to combat speeding in the area.

Alexander McLellan, councillor for the Seaton and Old Aberdeen ward, asked the council to carry out a traffic survey earlier this year after he was contacted by residents.

A survey conducted in September last year found the average speed of cars on the road was 30mph – 10mph above the 20mph speed limit.

The limit itself was originally set at 20mph following a request from local people, who had raised safety concerns about the vehicles using the road.

Residents also say HGVs are an issue because they use the narrow street as a through road to other parts of the city.

The new petition is aimed at politicians who represent the area, as well as the police and council.

It states: “School Road in Seaton has been used as a rat-run for many vehicles. Over the years residents have complained about speeding, HGVs are too big to use this narrow street and we feel something needs to be done.

“If the council puts a speed camera up this could dramatically reduce speeding and make School Road safe for residents.”

The petition also calls for HGVs to be banned, claiming the narrow road “can become gridlocked at the School Road/King Street roundabout and has an awkward turning point at the Golf Road/Urquhart Road junction.”

Councillor Jim Noble, who represents the Seaton ward, said: “If there is this huge problem with speeding you’d think there would be a problem with accidents; it’s more the volume of the traffic than the speed – that’s the problem.

“However they are right, it is a narrow route and it’s well used.”

The petition can be viewed at