Residents raise fears as rats seen throughout Aberdeen community

Rats have been spotted since work has started on new developments in the area.

Hygiene concerns have been raised by a community group following a number of rat sightings.

Bucksburn Community Council discussed the issue at its latest meeting, with ongoing construction work in the area blamed for the disturbance.

Rhonda Reekie, treasurer of the community council, said: “Because of the stirring up of the burn from all the developments such as the new exhibition centre, the burn has been disturbed and all the rats in there have begun moving around and causing a lot of problems.”

Rhonda said the rats have been seen in residents’ gardens and on busy streets.

She added: “They’ve been turning up in a lot of people’s gardens and on streets such as Malcolm Road. We’ve even been told that they’ve been spotted running across the floor (in some places).”

An Aberdeen City Council spokesman said: “Environmental Health Pest Control is aware that there have been a few sightings of rats within the area.

“Although there is no evidence that there is a major infestation, an increased number of sightings would not be uncommon in an area where there is a high level of ongoing construction work.

“Pest Control officers have been speaking with owners of commercial premises and are satisfied that they are taking the appropriate action to control any rodents on their property. In addition, where requested advice has been given to domestic property owners and when instructed treatment carried out.”