Residents’ anger over state of site after trees taken out for Great Aberdeen Run

Members of an Aberdeen community have hit out over the state of a site in the months following a major event.

Prior to the Great Aberdeen Run, trees were removed between Don Street and Cheyne Road by the Aberdeen City Council.

The site acts as a barrier to driving between the streets and is part of the conservation area.

The council said it will reinstate the removed bollards, and plans to reintroduce trees.

The local authority said this will take place as part of a tree-planting programme which runs between November and March.

However, residents in the area said cars have been driving over the site .

Resident Eric Kiltie said: “You can see by the tyre marks that vehicles are driving through this.

“The weekend before last, with the marching band for the Remembrance Day parade, they managed to negotiate this successfully without anything being removed.”

Councillor for the Old Aberdeen ward, Alexander McLellan has been supporting the community’s concerns and is trying to get the area returned to its previous condition.

He said: “The situation at Don Street and Cheyne Road is totally unacceptable and it is a disgrace the way that it has been left.

“I’ve raised concerns about this on a number of occasions. It is evident that cars have been driving round the bollards since they removed the permanent ones.

“This is a conservation area and I cannot believe it has been left in such a mess.

“It appears there was a total disregard for the community when the work was carried out and nobody thought to ask residents what they would like done.

“Now we have a situation where the council has claimed it will be putting trees in planters at the site but they haven’t actually asked the community what their thoughts would be on that.”

Chairman of Old Aberdeen Community Council Gordon Mutch said: “What we’re asking for as a community is for bollards to be put back in and the trees to be reinstated.”

No one from Aberdeen City Council was available for comment.