Residents’ anger over ‘road rage incidents’ outside Aberdeen nursery

Councillor Sarah Duncan Said the problem would be solved if drivers were more considerate.

An Aberdeen community is calling for action amid claims there have been “road rage incidents” outside a nursery – caused by a handful of parked cars.

Residents in Cove said access through the increasingly busy Cove Road is being hampered by poor visibility and impatient drivers.

They claim the problem stems from a gap in double yellow lines outside Cove Bay Kindergarten, providing enough space for around six cars. But when these fill up, they block the eastbound carriageway, leaving just one free lane for cars to tackle a steep hill and tight corner.

And during rush hour, the road becomes a rat run for commuters – leading to increased complaints about road rage incidents outside the residents’ homes.

Tanya Dovgan, who lives nearby, has called for drivers to make a conscious effort to help traffic flow in both directions.

Local councillor Sarah Duncan said: “I will ask officers for their views on this and whether there are examples of other technical inputs from other parts of the city that could be used to deter rat-running here.

“Ultimately, this is a problem of drivers and people parking their cars not thinking about the impact of their behaviour on other road users.”