Repairs to HMP Grampian cost £145k after riot

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AROUND £145,000 has been spent on fixing HMP Grampian in the past year – more than any other prison in Scotland.

The bill to repair damages at the jail was £115,000 more than the prison with the second-largest repair costs.

The Scottish Prison Service today revealed £145,477 was spent on repairing ‘super jail’ HMP Grampian in 2014/15.

The majority of the money was spent on damage caused during a 14-hour stand-off with police and prison workers at HMP Grampian, which was so extensive inmates were forced to move to other prisons.

The violence in the Ellon Wing in April last year led to guards using pepper spray to control prisoners following the incident.

But in 2014/15, 16 separate incidents relating to vandalism occurred to cells while four more instances of damage were made to flats and halls at HMP Grampian.

A further four more vandalism-related incidents occurred at the prison.

The figure for HMP Grampian is £115,190.70, more than Low Moss Prison in Glasgow where £30,000 was spent on repairing the facility due to vandalism.

The figure spent on HMP Grampian in 2014/15 is higher than the cost of repairing Craiginches in 2013/14 and 2012/13, which amounted to £50.80 and £2,000 respectively

A Scottish Prison Service spokeswoman said: “The varying cost of repairs is proportionate to the extent of damage in each establishment.

“SPS has a duty to ensure that the establishments, including the living areas, are in a good state of repair and as such have to repair the damage caused.”