Steven Donaldson’s murder trial told relationship was ‘far from over’

A woman’s relationship with a former boyfriend she is accused of murdering was “far from over”, a court heard.

Tamsin Glass, 20, along with Steven Dickie and Callum Davidson, both 24, all of Kirriemuir, deny murdering Aberdeen oil worker Steven Donaldson on June 6 last year.

The court was told Glass was due Mr Donaldson £1,000 from an insurance payment following a car accident.

Counsel for Glass, Mark Stewart QC, said she had paid back more than £4,000 due to Mr Donaldson.

Mr Stewart said the relationship between them was “far from over” and the outstanding sum far from an issue that needed “a drastic solution”.

“They were talking about having a family. They were talking about buying a house.

“They were talking about moving halfway round the world where Mr Donaldson can take up a different job, a better job,” he said.He added Glass’s co-accused had themselves decided to embark on a confrontation with Mr Donaldson.

Mr Stewart said it was initially intended to be an act of intimidation and bullying which got “grossly out of hand.”

“There is no credible evidence of any actual agreement between Tasmin Glass and either of these men that they should attend at Peter Pan park and assault Mr Donaldson,” he said.

Defence counsel Ian Duguid QC, for Steven Dickie, said co-accused Callum Davidson was “a gratuitously violent man and also a blatantly dishonest man”.

He told jurors at the High Court in Edinburgh: “Callum Davidson is doing everything he can to get Steven Dickie convicted.”

Jonathan Crowe, counsel for Davidson, said he “vehemently denied the accusations” levelled at him in the trial.

The trial continues.