Queen guitarist Brian May praises ‘epic’ Aberdeen skyline

Queen guitarist Brian May
Queen guitarist Brian May

A rock legend has praised the beauty of Aberdeen.

During a recent visit to the city, Queen guitarist Brian May described the architecture as “epic”.

Brian was in Aberdeen to give a talk about north-east born royal photographer George Washington Wilson last month.

The event was off the back of book, written by Professor Roger Taylor, about Wilson, who spearheaded a type of 3D photography.

While exploring the streets of the city, Brian stopped to snap a shot of the Castlegate.

Putting the picture on Instagram, the music legend said: “The Castlegate – Aberdeen architecture is epic.

“We’re comparing with the 1860s picked in the GWW book. Not too much has changed here on the outside.”

Aberdeen Lord Provost Barney Crockett said: “He was taken aback by the buildings, and that happens, any visitor to Aberdeen who knows anything about architecture is absolutely stunned.

“Britain’s top architecture expert described Aberdeen as ‘the city that doesn’t grow old gracefully, it doesn’t grow old at all.’

“And that’s right, the granite buildings don’t change.”The Lord Provost urged people from the Granite City not to take the beautiful buildings for granted.

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He said: “When you live here in Aberdeen, you don’t always appreciate it, but it’s a unique example of an entire set of buildings in granite looking absolutely spectacular and as Brian May pointed out, ‘epic’.”

He added that he hoped the endorsement from the Queen guitarist would help people in the Granite City appreciate the surroundings.

He said: “It certainly should, but I don’t think that we should need outsiders to do that.
“If you’re just walking around outside, I encourage people to just have a look up, and really take in how lovely everything is.”

Visit Aberdeenshire CEO Chris Foy said: “Dr May clearly has a great eye for architecture.

“Our distinctive granite vistas encourage visitors from around the world to open their eyes and look up to the skies around Aberdeen.

“I welcome Brian back to Aberdeen where he can enjoy seeing more of our beautiful city, and perhaps hire one of our wonderful guides to help bring the history of these majestic buildings alive.”