Puppy training to become ‘medical dog’ that can help to save Mason’s life

A golden retriever has become an unlikely medical ally for a boy with severe allergy problems.

Mason Hale, from Buckie, in Moray, has formed an inseparable bond with Storm, who is in training to become his “medical dog”.

The Millbank Primary pupil is allergic to nuts, eggs, fish, oranges, avocado, soya and latex.

His needs mean his family have to plan holidays nearly a year in advance to ensure the six-year-old will not suffer a reaction.

However, his mother, Kelly, and father, David, will now have assistance from a friendly Storm.

The specialist dog, which is six months old, is being trained to notice the slightest change in Mason’s condition to ensure he can get treatment quicker.

Despite him still being put through his paces, Kelly revealed the dog has already raised the alarm.

She said: “Mason also suffers ulcerative colitis and was being sick through the night recently.

“Storm kept running from room to room until one of us realised that something was wrong.”

Kelly added: “The two of them are really close, they go everywhere together now”

Storm is expected to become fully qualified in May.

Kelly said: “Storm has been brilliant. It means Mason has actually started to lead a normal life now.”