Public warned to look out for falling branches in parks this summer

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Picnic fans planning on spending time in parks over the course of the summer period are being asked to “be aware” of potential branches dropping.

Aberdeen City Council is warning those in the city of branches falling, which has been caused by the current warm and dry spell of weather.

Since the continuation of the searing heatwave where temperatures have reached 22C in Aberdeen, there is a higher risk of the issue occurring.

Two trees in Hazlehead Park in the west of the city have had major boughs fall recently, including one from a sweet chestnut last week.

The phenomenon is known as ‘summer branch drop’, when trees shed their branches as they struggle to absorb water up through their roots during prolonged hot spells.

Following the discovery, warning signs are to be erected in the major parks around the city to remind visitors to be cautious of the unpredictable droppings.

Although, vulnerable trees can normally be identified.