Watch: Aberdeen primary pupils win award for internet safety film

Pupils at an Aberdeen school have won an award for their short film on internet safety.

Primary five and six children at Kaimhill Primary School created the four-minute video showing the pros and cons of the internet.

The pupils, who wrote the script by themselves, were the first Scottish winners of the LitFilmFest award.

The organisation is run in partnership with A Tale Unfolds which looks to increase literacy through filmmaking.

For winning the monthly award, the children were given a professional video shoot to increase the production values of their short film.

Teacher Katie Westacott said: “It was a great experience for the children, they were very excited to be out of the class filming and for me I enjoyed seeing them so engaged with their learning, which it very important to me.”

“The children are always on the internet and using it safely at school but it’s good to show them how to safely conduct themselves online and be contributors rather than just consumers.”