Police warn Aberdeen drivers to have their vehicles in working order

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Drivers in unroadworthy cars could be caught out by police later this week.

Officers from Tillydrone community policing team, supported by volunteer special constables, will be carrying out a road traffic operation in Tillydrone and Seaton checking vehicles are safe as part of the winter road safety campaign.

Tillydrone officer Sergeant John McOuat said: “A team of officers and volunteer special constables will be conducting this road safety operation on Friday evening.

“The officers will be looking to engage with road users across Tillydrone and Seaton where they will take the opportunity to ensure vehicles are roadworthy and that drivers are driving appropriately for the conditions.

“I would continue to encourage all road users to be considerate of others, and use the road and cycle paths responsibly. I would also strongly advise motorists/cyclists that, prior to starting any journey, they ensure their vehicle has all its lights in working order and the windscreens are clear.”