Police step up patrols to target antisocial behaviour

Police are stepping up patrols in the North-east in a bid to keep people safe over the festive period.

As part of the Safer Streets policing campaign, officers will go on more patrols across Aberdeenshire before Christmas to target antisocial behaviour, theft and violence.

Announcing the increased patrols yesterday, local area commander Chief Inspector Murray Main said: “We want to ensure the minority do not get the opportunity to ruin it for those who are looking to go out and enjoy themselves over the festive period.

“A small number of people will look to take advantage of the situation to cause issues or commit retail crimes, including shoplifting or other thefts such as stealing handbags, purses or wallets.”

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service staff, Aberdeenshire Council and pub landlords and others will also be helping with the campaign.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service assistant chief officer David McGown said: “Alcohol continues to play a major part in contributing to fire deaths in the home. We urge people to avoid cooking at all when under the influence of alcohol.”