Police probe after North-east schoolboy, 10, threatened to ‘shank’ fellow pupils

A 10-year-old schoolboy allegedly threatened to “shank” fellow pupils before taking a knife on a school bus.

The incident occurred on Wednesday at a North-east primary school and has sparked a police investigation.

It is understood the boy had taken a camping tool, from his camping equipment set, to school with him.

A concerned parent told the Evening Express: “There’s a kid on my daughter’s school bus who told a few of them that he was going to shank them.

“I was pretty shocked he knew what that was – my daughter came home and asked me what it meant.

“I just put it down to kids being kids.

“The next day he had taken a knife with him on the school bus.

“I don’t think he had any intention of using it. My daughter approached him and he threw the knife away into a garden.

“A couple of the kids said to him he couldn’t throw it into a garden because someone could hurt themselves on it, so he put it in the bin, where it was taken out by teachers.”

Police officers were called to the school following the incident, and inquiries are ongoing.

The parent added: “I don’t think there was ever going to be any intention of using it, and it was a very small blade, but it could still hurt someone.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “Police Scotland are carrying out inquiries following a report of a pupil in possession of a weapon at a school in the Moray area on January 31.

“Inquiries are currently ongoing into the incident.”

Moray Council confirmed the incident took place.

A spokeswoman for Moray Council said: “Staff at the school were alerted that a pupil had a knife with them on the bus to school, whereupon all established procedures were followed.”