Police join forces in bid to help stop antisocial behaviour in Aberdeen

A new police project has seen five arrests in an Aberdeen neighbourhood during a crackdown on antisocial behaviour.

Police Scotland is working with Aberdeen City Council, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Alcohol and Drugs Action and city wardens as part of a scheme.

It is hoped the new project will help reduce antisocial behaviour and nuisance crimes while improving communication with residents in Northfield.

Police and fire officers held an environmental day of action to launch the scheme.

They set up a mobile police unit (POD) in the Marchburn and Oldtown areas in order to remove litter and fly-tipping, paint over graffiti, repair windows, doors and walls, tidy up communal grounds and conduct fire safety visits.

Northfield Inspector Karen Main said: “By making these improvements, it will help residents feel more positive about the area and it is hoped antisocial behaviour such as youth-annoyance, vandalism and fly-tipping will reduce as a result of improved community pride.

“As part of these activities, in the days prior to the Day of Action, we actioned a number of apprehension warrants. Five people were arrested and 12 court citations were served.

“Engaging with the community is important and the activity here will, I hope, have helped break down any barriers residents have.

“The work will be reviewed to ensure results are being seen in terms of reducing antisocial behaviour and improving community safety.

Fire station manager Darren Riddell also attended the launch.

He said: “We’ve got a duty to work with the community and it’s about us showing what we can do together. This is a chance to show we care, to show what we’re doing and meet together regularly. We work very closely for this area and this is our chance to show we really want to make a difference.

“We’ll learn from this project, at the end we’ll recap. We may run it again on a longer timescale and we can change it to what the community wants.”

Mr Riddell added: “Prevention is always better than response. The immediate impact you’ll see won’t come from us – that will be from Aberdeen City Council and the community. But the sort of work we’re doing will have a long-term impact, so by mixing the two together, it will be good for Northfield.”

Councillor Ciaran McRae, who represents the Northfield and Mastrick area, also attended and helped to pick-up litter.

He said: “It’s good to see multi-agencies working together. It’s been an ongoing operation and it’s essentially a high-visibility day for residents to come and see us.

“Our end goal is for the public to see we’re approachable and that they can come and talk to us.”

Aberdeen City Council’s communities, housing and infrastructure convener Councillor Yvonne Allan said: “Aberdeen City Council is pleased to work with our community safety partners on this project. This council is committed to improving the quality of life for the people of Aberdeen and we have already taken significant steps to regenerate Northfield and the wider Middlefield area.”