Police issue security warning after motorbike stolen in Aberdeen

Using a cheap lock to secure an expensive motorbike is a false economy, an Aberdeen police officer has said.

Sergeant Simon Lewis-Dalby, of West End Community Policing Team, spoke after a motorbike was stolen from the West End area of the city last month.

And motorcyclists have been urged to be vigilant in the wake of the theft.

No further details about the incident in February are available.

In a report summarising crime in the area in February, which has just been released, he said: “The one vehicle stolen from the area (which also covers Ferryhill and Mannofield) in February was a motorcycle whose security chain was cut.

“When considering anti-theft locks and chains for your cycles and motorcycles, we would hope you consider the cost of the item being secured and reflect that in the cost of the anti-theft measure.

“Securing a £3,000 cycle with a £15 lock is a false economy.”