Police dog Buster used in North-east pubs to detect drugs

Buster in action around pubs in Banchory. Picture: North-east Police Division.

A police dog was used to help carry out searches in pubs in a North-east town as officers continue their fight against drugs.

As part of Banchory’s Pubwatch scheme, Buster was taken to licensed premises to identify potential drug misuse and associated antisocial behaviour in the town.

A total of 4 premises were visited.

Pc Iain McNab said: “The use of the dog was in partnership with local licensed premises and was intended to be a proactive step to discourage people from becoming involved in drugs or antisocial behaviour and not because of any particular concerns of an issue in the area.

“The operation was well-received and the police will continue to work with local pubs to ensure the area remains a safe night-time economy for the community to enjoy.”