Police close lane to protect stray seal pup on busy North-east road

The seal was found on a North-east road.

Baffled police were called out to deal with an injured baby seal after it wandered half a mile from a North-east estuary onto a busy country road.

Sjoukje Terpstra, who lives in Collieston, came across the pup as she was driving along the A975 near Newburgh yesterday morning.

The marine mammal was found to have injured one of its flippers when it was discovered on the road heading towards Cruden Bay.

Miss Terpstra said she raised the alarm on her way home from the morning school run with her son.

She said: “I had just dropped off my oldest boy and saw cars flashing their lights at me to slow down.

“I saw a seal there and thought I couldn’t leave it alone. I phoned 999 and they did not believe me at first because it wasn’t near the sea.”

Police set up road signs around the small creature to keep it safe until experts arrived to rescue it.

Lee Watson, a volunteer medic with the British Divers Marine Life Rescue  who helped lift the pup, said: “The pup looked in good health but had some damage on its flippers.”