Plans to turn Aberdeen toilets into coffee shop backed by councillors

A disused set of public toilets in Aberdeen is set to be converted into a coffee shop after a businessman’s revamped plan got councillors’ approval.

Last winter, Harry Miller asked Aberdeen Council for permission to convert the Old Aberdeen public toilets on the High Street into a coffee shop, but Aberdeen planning development management committee threw out the design in December because members said the design looked too modern.

Mr Miller came up with a new proposal, which involves preserving many of the materials of the existing building.

At a meeting yesterday the committee unanimously agreed to grant Mr Miller permission, but members were at odds over whether the cafe should be able to let customers sit outside.

At the meeting, Councillor Alexander McLellan argued groups of people sat outside making noise could disturb neighbours.

The committee’s convener Councillor Marie Boulton said: “We do want to encourage cafe culture but it is also important that we consider residential amenity as well. You are only likely to get one or two tables in that outdoor space.”

The committee voted by 10 to five in favour of preventing the cafe from having outdoor seating area.

The toilets were built in 1932 and closed several years ago.