Plans for student pub given redesign following resident complaints over beer garden

Old Aberdeen Community Council chairman Gordon Mutch.

Plans for a controversial student pub have been altered – with the public now encouraged to give their views.

The bar, called IVY, is proposed to go into the premises of 15 High Street in Old Aberdeen.

It has now submitted a redesigned proposal which includes the removal of an outdoor beer garden.

With around 400 comments both for and against the development, residents around the site, which was previously used as a residential home but has sat empty for years, have said that it would not be a suitable use of the Georgian building.

Neighbours raised concerns about noise being heard inside the adjoining properties, which Aberdeen City Council Environmental Health department addressed in their consultation.

A report submitted by the council said: “It is likely that noise from the outdoor seating area would therefore also have an adverse impact on users of these properties.

“In the interest of the amenity of neighbouring residential and tertiary building occupants, this service is unable to support the external seating area element of this development.”

The garden area has been removed from the planning application in new drawings submitted last week.

The Old Aberdeen Community Council has been against the plans as it believes it is an inappropriate use of the building.

It has said, however, that removing the external garden area in a bid to tackle noise complaints will only encourage students to come out on to High Street instead.

Chairman of the community council Gordon Mutch said: “The changes just means that the smokers will come out the front instead.”

A local resident added: “They’ll sit on the wall at Elphinstone with their beers and their cigarettes and they’ll congregate.

“They’d be certainly smoking out there. I know a lot of students who don’t want this pub either, they want the area to remain special.”

Lekky Shepherd, a member of the community, said: “I don’t think it will make any difference, if anything it makes it worse. I think we should object for the reasons we have before.”