Plan to encourage cycling and walking in Aberdeen

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Aberdeen’s city centre, beachfront, NHS sites and universities are among the areas which could benefit from a council plan to encourage walking and cycling.

Aberdeen councillors have agreed the final draft of the Aberdeen Active Travel Plan which identifies a series of priorities the council will pursue over the next four to five years, and in some cases beyond, to encourage walking and cycling in Aberdeen.

The areas to be prioritised include the city centre and beachfront area, where Aberdeen City Council hopes to improve access for people walking and cycling.

In the plan, the local authority said a southbound cycle route, along the A90 Aberdeen to Stonehaven road, was probably “the most commonly identified missing link” during a public consultation.

A full review is also under way into the A944 Aberdeen to Westhill corridor as there are issues with sections of the route and limited provision for people cycling onwards to the city centre.

The action plan said access to NHS sites is another of its key priorities.

It added: “As the largest employer and trip generator in the region, it came across strongly in the second consultation exercise that access to NHS sites should be a key priority, and it is hoped this can be enhanced through close working between the NHS and the council.

“With the A944 corridor being a key focus of the plan, improving access to and within the Woodend, Foresterhill and Cornhill sites should flow naturally from, and complement this.”

The plan adds that a cycle route along North Anderson Drive has been an aim for a number of years. Designs for the implementation of sections along the corridor and improved crossing facilities have recently been completed.

There are also hopes for a continuous Donside route from the beach to Dyce and the expansion of the River Dee route. And the report said there is a desire for improvements to encourage walking and cycling to the two universities in the city.