Parents’ plea for late daughter’s ex-boyfriend to be locked up

Emily Drouet

A mum and dad have said they hope a custodial sentence will be imposed on the man who admitted assaulting their daughter just days before she killed herself.

Fiona and Germain Drouet, from Glasgow, are calling for Angus Milligan to be jailed after he pleaded guilty to assaulting their daughter Emily.

Emily, 18, a first-year law student at the University of Aberdeen, was found dead in her halls of residence in the early hours of March 18, 2016.


The court heard Milligan, 21, and Emily had been in an “intense” relationship, and the day before she died Milligan had ended things.

Milligan also a student, appeared at Aberdeen Sheriff Court and admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner towards Emily on two occasions between March 3 and 10 last year at New Carnegie Court, Hillhead Halls, and that he shouted and used abusive and offensive language towards her.

He also on March 3 and 4 sent messages to her that had offensive and abusive language.

Milligan admitted a further charge of assaulting her on March 10 by seizing her by the neck, choking her, pushing her against a desk and slapping her twice on the face on March 10.

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In a statement outside court, Emily’s mum Fiona said: “Emily was our daughter, our sister, our granddaughter, our niece, our cousin and our friend. She was kind, caring, loving, intelligent and beautiful, beautiful inside and out.

“She left for university full of excitement with a bright future ahead of her. In her first few months she was flourishing, making lots of new friends, partying and loving learning. We were excited for her, excited to hear her adventures.

“That all ended when she met Angus Milligan. He has admitted relentlessly abusing Emily, emotionally, verbally and physically, until she could take no more.

“We miss her every second of every day. No one should have to go through what Emily went through, that is why we hope the court will impose a custodial sentence sending a strong message that domestic violence will not be tolerated.”

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Emily’s dad Germain added: “This has devastated our lives and our family.

“Our daughter was physically and mentally destroyed by someone who, six months before, was a stranger to her. This is not how it’s supposed to be. We still can’t believe Emily isn’t here. ”

During Milligan’s appearance, Aberdeen Sheriff Court heard he had “reacted badly” after being told of an episode of infidelity on the part of his girlfriend.

On the day he assaulted her he had gone to speak to her about their situation, but this culminated with him assaulting her.

The court heard she said afterwards she thought she was “going to die” as a result of him choking her.

Defence for Milligan, Susan Duff said: “He will always feel guilt about his behaviour towards her before her death. He is deeply sorry for that.”

Milligan, of Drummond Place, Edinburgh. will be sentenced in July.