Nuart issues ‘call for walls’ ahead of street art festival’s return to Aberdeen

The boss of an Aberdeen business group has issued another “call for walls” to act as blank canvases for an arts festival.

Adrian Watson, chief executive of Aberdeen Inspired has urged more people to come forward with properties for Nuart murals.

The festival, returning in April for its third year, is known for imposing murals on the side of city centre buildings such as Aberdeen Market.

However, in order to create the murals, artists rely on generous building owners to offer up space for them to do their work.

The call comes after the Evening Express reported that Lego artist Jan Vormann was the first announced for this year.

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In December, an initial call was made for buildings that would be eligible, but Mr Watson said “you can never have too many”.

He said: “We always look for more walls, whether it’s this year or next.

“We do have the flexibility right up until March.

“Many of the artists that come across to us like a choice, we’re bringing in some of the finest street artists that the world has to offer.

“They will look at two, three or even four walls, before they pick that perfect canvas.”

For a wall to be eligible to be a part of the festival, it must be in the city centre and cannot be listed or made from granite.

Mr Watson believes that having art on the side of a building can only be a good thing for owners.

He said: “When we first wanted to put something on the side of the Aberdeen market, during our first year, people definitely had a view.

“However, once it went up, it changed minds, and now there’s a multi-million-pound development that’s going in there.

“The owners of the building will tell you that’s in part down to Nuart.”

To offer a wall to Nuart, email with a photograph of the building, the address and approximate size of the space.