North-east woman scoops £1.2 million jackpot in online casino game

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A North-east woman has won £1.2 million on a bingo and casino website.

Mandy Bowman, 45, from Buckie scooped the jackpot on Glossy Bingo’s Major Millions slot game.

She was at home playing the game on her phone, and had been able to win £400 before deciding to switch over to the Major Millions game – a five-reel online slot game with a progressive jackpot that is regularly more than £400,000.

The object of the game is to match up three to five symbols in a row.

Mandy said: “When I switched onto the progressive jackpot, I started to lose.

“I was spinning away and I was down to my last £3.

“I thought there was no way I would win anything then.

“I spun again and all the symbols matched. I thought I was seeing things and then a message flashed up to say that I had won the jackpot. When I saw the number I thought it was a mistake or a joke – I really didn’t believe it.”


Despite winning money which will change her life, Mandy couldn’t sleep after clinching the prize.

“I didn’t sleep for about three nights afterwards,” she said.

“It has come as a huge shock, but a very welcome one.

“I’m not going to go wild and splurge it all on cars or holidays: we love this lifestyle and we love the farm, and we want to make a future for ourselves here.

“I wouldn’t say that I am even that much of a gambler. I’ll have a flutter once a month, and only with what I have in pocket money once all the bills are paid.

“My dad used to bet on horses and he always told me that you should only bet what you can afford to lose, and I’ve always stuck by that.

“It’s very good advice. I was very close to my dad and sadly he passed away last year – I like to think he was my lucky charm and he brought me this win.”

She now plans to spend her winnings on her beloved horses by building an indoor riding school and launching a livery.

Mandy also plans to invest some of her prize money in upgrading buildings and machinery on the family farm so that she and husband, John, 40, can expand their operations and have a more stable future.

The pair have been married for two years and have yet to have a honeymoon – but Mandy says there is lots of work to be done on the farm before they can even think about taking some time off to enjoy a much-needed holiday together.