North-east town under attack from aggressive seagulls

A council has been forced to issue advice to North-east residents who are coming under attack from swooping seagulls.

Complaints have been coming in from homes and businesses around Huntly, where it’s believed some people have been feeding the feathered pests.

People who live around Steven Road and Depot Road have hit out after a series of swooping attacks, as well as droppings and early morning noise.

At least one firm on the industrial estate has already taken action, spending money on deterrents, and locals hope others may follow their lead and tackle the problem.

Councillor for the area Margo Stewart said: “We urge local businesses to seek advice and act as soon as they can to make it more difficult for the seagulls to get comfortable in future.”

Although environmental health officers have seen minimal gull activity around the council’s Household Waste and Recycling Centre, staff there have been given further advice to ensure there is as little food as possible available for the birds.

Information on how best to disrupt the habits of the birds while staying within council policy, which is to cause no harm to birds or their chicks, has also been provided.

Eggs and nests without chicks can however be removed to reduce the number of birds later in the season, but action has to be taken as early in the year as possible.

Officers will also be speaking to local schools in the new term to highlight the issues and ensure these are not an easy source of food.

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