North-east teenager admits dumping rocks and signposts on road in middle of the night

A teenager has admitted putting large rocks, signposts and signs on a road in the middle of the night.

Calum Harper, 19, threw and put the items on the carriageway of the A93 Banchory to Drumoak road in the early hours of June 18.

The court heard he was later seen carrying a signpost and was “heavily under the influence of alcohol”.

Fiscal Depute Kelly Mitchell told Aberdeen Sheriff Court the offence happened at around 3.20am and a taxi driver in the Banchory area discovered the objects.

She said: “Upon entering Banchory he saw several large stones from a wall and several road signs in the carriageway.

“He formed the opinion that these had been deliberately placed there by someone.

“He stopped the vehicle to clear the road.

“While doing so a Ford Fiesta drove past him at speed and collided with a large stone, causing damage to the vehicle and the road surface.”

The taxi driver then flagged down police who began searching the area.

Ms Mitchell added: “A short distance away they observed the accused walking along the carriageway.

“He was alone and carrying a signpost on his back.”

Police noted he was “heavily under the influence of alcohol”.

Harper, whose address was given in court papers as Keithmuir Gardens, Drumoak, Banchory, initially gave police a fake name. He also gave a false date of birth and said he lived at a different address.

Harper admitted culpably and recklessly, and with an utter disregard for the consequences, throwing and putting signposts, road signs and large rocks on the carriageway during the hours of darkness to the danger of vehicles.

He also admitted providing police with false details initially.

Keidra Morrison, Harper’s solicitor, will speak on her client’s behalf when he is sentenced.

Sheriff Philip Mann deferred sentence on Harper until next month.

He said: “These are serious offences that could have resulted in injury or worse for road users.”