North-east shop to be transformed into giant scratchcard

Artist Alicia Rogalska at the disused shop in Duff Street.

An artist is converting the inside of a vacant shop into a giant scratchcard as part of an event aimed at reviving a North-east town.

The Macduff Revival Weekender takes place on Friday and Saturday and features performances, exhibitions and film screenings.

Organisers hope to use empty shops and other venues to inspire people to come up with their own ideas about revitalising the area.

Artist Alicja Rogalska has been busy preparing her installation, called Scratching the Surface, at an empty store in Duff Street and said that despite the novel nature of her work it has a serious message.

Residents will be invited to scratch the inside of the shop off in exchange for new ideas for Macduff’s future.

She said: “It is an excuse to speak to people about the future of Macduff in terms of the economic situation and the future of arts funding.

“We are trying to start a debate and would like to hear people’s views.

“It is just a matter of sharing them and displaying them in the shop. Basically, the shop will be painted with a special paint and people can come in and scratch it off.”

More information about the Macduff Revival Weekender can be found at