North-east residents urged to take donut challenge to raise cash for deafness charity

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A charity supporting those with hearing problems is urging people across the north-east to take on a tasty challenge to raise funds.

To mark Deaf Awareness Week, which began today, Action on Hearing Loss Scotland wants residents in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire to take part in its “Don’t be a Donut” challenge – where people film family and friends trying to eat one of the snacks without licking their lips.

If you fail the challenge the charity suggests a £3 donation

The “forfeit” for doing so is a suggested £3 donation to the charity, as well as nominating others to take part.

The charity has also released a list of tips which will enable those who suffer hearing problems to fully engage in conversations.

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Action on Hearing Loss Scotland director Teri Devine said: “Our Deaf Awareness Week message for people in Aberdeen is ‘Don’t be a donut, be deaf aware’.

“Our deaf awareness top tips are very easy and can make a huge difference in enabling people who are deaf or have hearing loss to follow and participate in everyday conversations.

“We’d be delighted if everyone enjoys our sweet treat #DontBeADonut challenge to raise funds for our services, providing essential support to people who are deaf or have hearing loss to live the life they choose.”

For more information on Action on Hearing Loss Scotland, visit