North-east primary children dive in to learn about seafood

North-east primary schoolchildren are getting hands on with seafood as part of a nationwide celebration.

Burnhaven Primary School in Peterhead has been given free fish from the local harbour to learn more about the industry during Seafood Week, including cooking and tasting local catches.

The initiative encourages people across the UK to eat more seafood on a more regular basis.

The youngsters at Burnhaven have been working alongside Catriona Frankitti of Fish for Health.

She said: “The students loved trying different species and discovering how the seafood feels.

“Seafood is such an important part of a healthy diet and we catch so much beautiful fresh seafood in Scotland. But not all children get to try it at home.”

This is not the first time Burnhaven Primary School has become immersed in sea-focused studies. Last year, the school won the Royal British Legion Scotland School’s Competition by reporting the story of the British Fleet returning to Scapa Flow after the Battle of Jutland.

The school won the national competition after their work was put to a public online vote against 12 other finalists.

Heather Middleton, marketing manager at Seafish, the organisation which runs Seafood Week, said: “We’re delighted with how the school pupils have enjoyed the educational events being held for Seafood Week.”