North-east parents plead with doctors to consider operating on baby

David and Gina Scanlan, with Jude and Willow.

The parents of a baby with an incurable condition have begged doctors to let her have an operation that might prolong her life.

Willow Scanlan was born on November 3, but the Fyvie family were told she had Edward’s syndrome, a rare genetic condition that causes a wide range of severe medical problems, after doctors ran chromosomal tests.

Her parents David, 40, and 43-year-old Gina were “devastated” by the news.

Since then she has defied the odds but needs an operation to repair a hole in her heart and defects in two of its valves.

It is a procedure surgeons do not offer routinely to children with the condition.

However, the parents say they have found youngsters with the condition have survived into adulthood and are begging medics not to give up on their “wee fighter”.

Mr Scanlan, also dad to Jude, 3, said: “Our consultant has told us he will put our case to a panel of cardiologists who will together decide, when she is older and stronger, whether they will operate on her. When that time comes we will be pleading with them to give her a chance – she deserves it.”