North-east mum’s plea after thieves steal schoolgirl’s diabetic scanner

Karen Paterson says she thinks the thief may have thought Ellouise’s diabetic gear was a mobile phone
Karen Paterson says she thinks the thief may have thought Ellouise’s diabetic gear was a mobile phone

A north-east mum has urged thieves to return her daughter’s diabetes equipment after it was stolen from a school playing field.

Karen Paterson, 32, has spoken of her anger after her daughter Ellouise, 7, had her diabetic scanner stolen while she took part in a running club.

The scanner helps monitor blood sugar levels, meaning Ellouise, who suffers from type 1 diabetes, does not have to take a blood sample.

The equipment was within easy reach on the field at Meldrum Academy where the Oldmeldrum Young Runners Club were training, but Karen believes the scanner may have been stolen because it looks similar to a mobile phone.

Police have launched a report into the theft which happened earlier this month and have urged anyone who may have any information to come forward.

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Karen, from Auchterless, told the Evening Express: “As Ellouise is type 1 diabetic, she has this case, it is like a pencil case with all her stuff for checking her blood sugar.

“She had left it at the side of the playing field so it was in easy reach if she needed it and the teacher also knew it was there.

“It wasn’t till I had picked her up that both sides of the case were open.

“I originally thought her blood sugars had been low and I asked her if she was feeling okay and she said she was fine.

“It was then that we realised she’d lost the scanner, Ellouise hadn’t opened it, so I checked to see if there was anything else missing.

“We went around the whole of the school fields searching for it.

“The equipment lets Ellouise play outside and lets us check her blood sugar levels quickly.

“We want her to be as normal as she can be, she wasn’t happy when she found it had gone.”

The scanner connects to a sensor on Ellouise’s arm and detects her blood sugar levels.

Karen said the equipment would be useless to anyone but her daughter.

She said: “We do hope we can get it back. I was hoping once whoever took it realised it wasn’t a phone they may have dropped it in the field.

“We were told by the hospital when we got the scanner that they wouldn’t be able to replace it. We will have to buy another one, it is around £60.”

A police spokeswoman said: “Officers are looking into the reported theft of medical equipment from a sports field in the Colpy Road area of Oldmeldrum.

“Anyone with information is asked to contact 101.”