North-east friends to feature on ITV quiz show 5 Gold Rings

Two best friends from the north-east have put their knowledge to the test on a popular quiz game show.

Aileen Merchant, 33, and Dave Senior, 45, flew down to London to take part in the hit ITV show 5 Gold Rings.

Aileen said: “Dave and I were at work one day when the show was on and we thought to ourselves that we would be better than the team we were watching that day.”

Hosted by Phillip Schofield, the interactive game sees two teams go head-to-head over five rounds where they answer questions such as “Where is the highest mountain on earth?” and place a gold ring on the image where they think the answer is.

Each team is competing to walk away with up to £25,000.

Aileen, an operations director, said the pair, from Portlethen, applied in June 2017 and went through a lengthy selection process before being chosen from around 10,000 other applicants.

She added: “The process took a long time. We had to do a telephone interview for them to find out a bit more about who we are and what we were like.

“We then had to do general knowledge quizzes before auditioning in Glasgow.

“The audition was a mock-run of the show and was to mostly make sure we wouldn’t freeze up on camera.”

Aileen said Dave, a managing director of an IT support firm, was the right choice for a teammate.

“We’re best friends, and he has a very different school style,” she added.

“I’m very good at modern culture, music and TV.

“Dave is very good at geography and history, and is very practical.”

The north-east pair were the only Scottish couple to be selected for the show and were flown down to London in December.

“When we got to London, a car picked us up to take us on set and brief us on the rules of the competition,” Aileen added.

“We got to meet Phillip Schofield, and he was really nice.

“It’s the same studio that films EastEnders so we got to see some of the cast going about,” she added.

Aileen explained that the filming of the show took between four and five hours which was longer than she thought it would take.

Now she can’t wait to see the results of their efforts.

She added: “I just want to see it already.”

To find out how Aileen and David fared on the show, tune in to ITV on September 30 at 7pm.