North-east animal sanctuary raises £2,200 to stop two dogs being put down

Oscar the Jack Russell terrier
Oscar the Jack Russell terrier

A north-east animal sanctuary has successfully stopped two dogs being put down after a campaign to save them raised £2,200.

Karen Fairclough’s non-profit organisation Until Every Dog Has A Home offers pets with severe behavioural issues or bite histories the chance to be rehabilitated and live out their days.

Founder Karen agreed to offer a 17-month-old Vizsla and Oscar, a five-year-old Jack Russell terrier, placements but needed £2,200 to buy and build kennels to accommodate them at the sanctuary in Turriff.

Without them they were at risk of euthanasia.

Thanks to an appeal made through the Evening Express, Karen was able to raise £2,500 in just under 12 hours.

Although the Vizsla was eventually signed over to the Vizsla Welfare Charity, Karen still managed to rescue Peter, a young pointer lurcher cross-breed, who was on the sanctuary’s waiting list.

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She thanked the public for their interest, adding: “We now have the second dog from our fundraiser and he is settling in well. Thank you again. We couldn’t have done it without your support. If these guys understood they’d thank you too.

“It’s heartwarming to see so many people pulling together and being so generous to save these dogs and give them the chance they truly deserve.”

Oscar’s behaviour had grown unmanageable for his owners so he was picked up from the north-west of England on November 14 – an 800-mile round trip for staff.

Karen said he has started “gentle basic training” to boost his confidence and for her to build a relationship with him.